Happy Homes

Hi Kathy,

My wife and I purchased a puppy from you about 3 and a half years ago named Winston (originally named Louie). Winston has added so much happiness to our lives and we just love him so much. I've attached a picture of him earlier this year when we had some snow in Texas. He just loves when it gets chilly!

The other day we were talking about getting Winston a sibling when we noticed that there were some available puppies on your website and thought it would be perfect if his sibling came from the same area as him. Of the puppies remaining, we were interested in Merry.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


John & Beth


Hello Katherine,

I just wanted to let you know that Gracie (who we bought from you last November) has been the greatest dog ever. She is soooo easy to train. She is such a people dog! We just had her spayed last week and the vet ran the blood work prior to the surgery and said they had never had a dog with such great blood results.  Every time she goes to the vet they tell me that I found a wonderful breeder.  THANK YOU!



Hi Kathy, 

Here are  a few pictures I just recently took of Sophie.  She is absolutely a sweetheart! Everybody loves her.  :-)  I can't thank you enough.  I am happy to hear that the gal that I work with, Dana, has been able to connect with you as well.  She is so excited to bring home her puppy.  :-)


Sadie is quite an advertisement for the breed, as just about everyone stops and asks what kind of dog she is.  I am really loving having her....she is very well-behaved.  I take her to a doggie day-care (ClubK-9) and she plays with the "little dogs" twice a week.  She has a special friend there, and she comes home totally worn-out from playing.  Very well socialized dog....with people and other dogs.

I am thinking to get a second dog at some point.....I keep watching your site for the new puppies, but I think it would be best to wait until next spring again... As it is, I hold the umbrella for the "princess" so she doesn't get wet.  I am pretty sure she is the Alpha in our house!



Hi Kathy, 

Jordy looks very much like Wilson these days, with deep red coloring and it seems like he’s getting darker red every day, he’s just gorgeous – I’ll try to get some pictures of both of them to you soon since they are looking more like adult dogs now.  Jordy is close to Wilson’s size, probably right around 13 lbs. now, and you were absolutely correct, Sophie is going to be like her tiny mama, she still doesn’t weigh more than 9 lbs.  So even with them filling out a bit more as they continue to mature, I think that Jordy won’t weigh more than 15-18 lbs. tops, and Sophie will probably stay petite at under 12 lbs.

Both of them are sweet natured and very smart, and I have to say that Sophie is truly clever.  One early example: when we were house training them, she figured out pretty quickly that if she faked going potty after she had actually done her business (usually while we were still waiting for Jordy to do his thing), she would get additional praise and a treat each time she appeared to go potty, so Dennis and I had to actually make sure that she did the real thing each time before she got her treat – we caught onto her because she was obviously not going potty that many times in a single session outside – and if she was genuinely going that much, then she needed to have a visit with Dr. Lavigne about it!  As you can probably tell, they are both bringing much joy to our lives. "

Thanks very much for such great pups - they are both gorgeous and the sweetest dogs we've ever had.

-D&L F.

Hello Kathy,

I hope all is well.  I wanted to give you an update on the lovely Lady Daisy.  She is doing really well and we cannot imagine our lives without her.  She has a wonderful personality; always happy, loving and eager to please.  She loves to give kisses, go for  walks, have her belly rubbed and spend time outdoors especially when the sun is out.  She weighs 14 lbs now but is still pretty petite.  Her coat is amazing- silky, shiny and a beautiful deep  red.  People are always stopping us to pet her and find out what  kind of breed she is.  I have referred at least a half dozen people to you who fell in love with her and wanted one of their own.  Lady and our other dog Fenway are the best of friends, they're pretty much inseparable.  They love to play tug of war, play tag and curl up with each-other for a good nap.  I've included some pictures of  them that I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing dog.  We wish you  all the best!
-M. and C. Fenway and Lady

Olivia loves the beach and does not want to leave once she gets there.  I had someone come and stay with her in March when I had to go to California.  He took her to the beach; and that is when she learned to love it.  She loves going for walks and we do that at least once a day.  She prefers heading out the front door and walking in the neighborhood, to going into the garage for a car ride first before we walk.  I love to take her to the Factory stores for walks; and, we do that at least once a week.  Several stores know her by name, and they know me as "Livvy's Mom".   Some of my friends gave me Mother's Day cards because Livvy consumes my life like a child. 



Hello Kathy,

I'm the happy owner of the tri-color male you had in April 2006... he was named Calvin, but now he operates under the name Pippin. Here's a picture of him hanging out at the park in New York City. We moved from Seattle to Brooklyn ...Pippin has the run of the place, and his friend Mona (a Boston Terrier) comes over and visits a few times a week. Pippin can walk to work with me, and fortunately for us, my office is very dog-friendly and Pippin spends his days making the rounds from his different favorite co-workers of mine.

Speaking of, a few of my friends have expressed interest in your litters. Do you have anything coming up? While it seems the breed is getting more and more popular these days, I seldom find KCC's that are as handsome as Pippin.

Please let me know when you might have some more puppies - and thanks again for everything, whenever someone on the street asks me about Cavaliers I tell them to check out Allen Family Cavaliers.



Hello Allen Family,

I thought you may want to see a picture of my  little angel on my grandpa's bed.... She's so cute and sweet I can hardly believe it. She just loves to cuddle and likes to sleep cuddled way up on my neck (right where you said she'd like to sleep). She really is a love, and a joy to have in my home!



Beau is the most adorable dog. We are having fun going to the office everyday and he is meeting all my customers and they all love him. Saw the Vet. She says he is in great condition... Thank you for selling me Beau. He is wonderful and I am planning on a very long relationship with this dog.



To Allens All,
Sir Walter Raleigh (Cashmere) turned one year old on Tuesday.  He has topped out at 16 pounds - about the same size as his Papa Romeo.  His personality, however, is big enough for a dog 10x his size and we find ourselves charmed by him most of the time.  In the 10 months we have had him he has worked his nighttime way from a comfortably outfitted Kennel in the kitchen to between us in the master bedroom bed.  In the daytime he has proved himself to be an able companion for walks, gardening (especially digging), entertaining guests and visiting elderly parents in retirement/residential care facilities.  We are so attached that he will be accompanying us on a ferry trip up the inland passage this summer, a trip that we would have anticipated a few short months ago he would have spent being dogsat by good friends.  We also confess to a certain degree of pride when he is admired by folks who observe him and ask questions about him.  He did flunk out of obedience school this past summer but we find he is
increasingly obeying the commands we need to stay civilized: he just isn't into the militaristic kind of snap to command sort of behaviors.  We will look for a trainer better suited to companion dogs for his second try in school.

Thank you for a delightful companion - all that I had hoped for - and your patience as we waded into this new experience.

-M. B.

12-7-08,We bought a tri-color from you and your family at the end of September in 2005.  We bought her from a litter of 3 and there was also a litter of 7 or 8 while we were there. We have named her Cali and she is the absolute best dog!  She is the most loyal and loving dog in the world.  We now live in Indiana and she is funny to watch in the snow.  She is a kisser and barks at other animals on the tv.  She is so much fun.  We just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have her.  You and your family do an amazing job at breeding and caring for this precious breed.  We would love to buy from you again the future.  Thanks again!


~ E. & C.


.....They love to go in the car with me, so I take them with me if I have short errands to run.  Instead of child car seats I have two doggie booster seats in the back so they can see out the windows!  I know that I better have a good excuse if I don't bring them with me when I visit my mother in law in the assisted living facility-she adores them as all the residents and staff do. I think that in a year they both will be lovely "classroom" dogs, and I look forward to having them in the classroom with me. We're all smitten with our little puppies, they have become much loved and adored (and a little spoiled) members of our family.

Thank you once again for providing us with these little ones.