Veterinarian Care


Little Ones Require Care

Caring for a Cavalier isn’t really a lot of work but there are a few things to keep in mind.


Veterinarian Care

Find a veterinarian you trust. If you don't know one, ask your friends for referrals. At the first check-up, provide your Veterinarian with the puppy's health record, which will include previous vaccination history. Your veterinarian office will then help keep you on track when updates and follow up check-up's are required. Always see your Vet at the first sign or concern of any health issue.

Keep in mind, not unlike human children, puppies are more susceptible to infectious diseases and for getting into trouble when not closely parented. A puppy is reliant upon you to provide a safe and hygienic environment. Keep the puppy warm and dry. Minimize interaction with other dogs and animals until it is older. After consulting with your vet, usually at around 6 months of age it is appropriate to neuter or spay. This is a requirement of pet-only purchase agreement but it can also help young dogs from developing unwanted behaviors. Un-neutered males and unspayed females can stray into harm's way and are distracted from better behavior.